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Some recent publications (most freely available) are given below.

Guest editorial of Five Years of "Dialogues" journals

P.Barrett (2022) “Guest Editorial” of Dialogues: The Compendium – Journals 2017-2021, AIA-CAE, Fall 2022, pp1-2. Freely available here with full publication of all papers.

Independent case study assessment of an intervention on pedagogy and space

P.Barrett (2022) A Journey into Space, Learning Spaces, Cambridge. An independent longitudinal assessment of an intervention in a primary school, involving pedagogically-led changes to spaces and layout. Free to down load here.

Input to EU-wide study of national educational infrastructure systems

P.Barrett (2022) A study on smart, effective, and inclusive investment in education infrastructure, European Union, Luxemburg (freely available as executive summary and full report). Project assessed the 27 countries of the EU for the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture. My input, as part of the lead Lithuanian PPMI team, focused mainly on: methodology, cross case analyses and the development of a best practice country-level model.

Paper for Australian Educational Leader

P.Barrett (2020) “Evidence for the impact of classroom design on learning: Implications for practice”, Australian Educational Leader, 42(1), ACEL, pp20-23.

World Bank Report on the impacts of school infrastructure

P.Barrett, A.Treves, T.Shmis, D.Ambasz, and M.Ustinova (2019) The Impact of School Infrastructure on Learning: A Synthesis of the Evidence, The World Bank Group, Washington. Freely available here.

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