The Clever Classrooms results provide robust evidence that differences in the physical design of a classroom explain 16% of the variation in the learning progress of the pupils in those spaces. 

This finding is the result of about 12 person-years' work within a project entitled "Holistic Evidence and Design" (HEAD), funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

It involved a study of 27 UK primary schools, in three English regions, and more specifically, detailed assessments of 153 classrooms linked to data about the progress over a year of the 3766 pupils in those spaces.


This site provides information about this seminal study and details of the published evidence and guidance material (much of it freely available).


The other pages give more detail of the headline results, details of freely available reports and subsequent outputs, etc, brief details of the research team and contact information for further information.    

Professor Peter Barrett     +44 (0)7872 176655

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